Skydog 74

The Annual Benefit Concert

Celebrating the Birthday, Life and Music of Skydog

Skydog 75 is proud to support the
Depaul USA Daybreak Center

Depaul Logo

Our day/resource centers provide services to individuals facing the immediate crisis of homelessness. In Little Rock, Arkansas and Macon, Georgia, Depaul USA provides a welcoming place where individuals can get a hot meal, relax, wash up and do laundry, and speak with a social worker.

Daybreak works on removing obstacles in a person's life by establishing a relationship with them, giving them a place to rest, offering services to feel renewed, and connecting them to other community resources in oder to help them move from being homeless to a life with increased stability which is a long road, but with the help of a supportive system it can be transforming!

Daybreak cannot operate without our volunteers and donations from the community. We are always seeking fresh faces to greet and help our participants on a regular basis Monday through Friday. However, businesses, church youth groups, or schools that have students do community service can help by doing an outreach project such as collecting items on our needs list, or come volunteer as a team one day.

Financial Donations during this time of Covid is more important than ever.
Daybreak Center Needs:

Men's and Women's Underwear Medium to Large Body Wash Paper Towels Sturdy Back Packs Insect Repellant
New Blankets Cloth Masks Latex Free Gloves Gloves and Hats Men's Belts

Skydog 75 Concert will be held at Central City Park on
November 21st from 12pm to 5pm
We will be at Daybreak - 174 Walnut Street, Macon, GA 31201 to accept donations in person. Please come during that time to drop off your donations.
For more donation information call
Daybreak at 478-216-0119.

Visit our Facebook page for more information

Macon, Georgia has been called home by some of the very best musicians to ever live.

Their influence... plus the presence of thousands of dedicated music fans... helps to make my birth town a wonderful place to live and work. Macon is a city with a rhythm and a style all its own; a place whererock, jazz, country, hip hop, rap, blues, soul, gospel and church bells fill the air. We are also blessed with the Big House Museum.

Skydog Concert

The Cause...Care for the Hungry and the Homeless

When Duane and Gregg Allman first came to Macon, Georgia with the Allman Brothers Band, they often frequented H&H Soul Food on Forsyth Street. There, Louise Hudson and Inez Hill kept the band well fed, even in the early years when they had trouble paying the bill. Gregg Allman, at a recent birthday party for Mama Louise, said..

"There is a good possibility ... a very good possibility... that without Mama Louise there wouldn't be an Allman Brothers Band."

HH Building

Being from a town with such a rich musical heritage is a true honor. Much of what we have learned is that great music flows out of great people. We also know that music and musicians in history can be forgotten. Events like this help assure this doesn't happen.

On what would have been Duane Allman's 60th birthday, the Skydog Music Festival (60) got it's start. It continues as the annual benefit concert that celebrates the life, birthday and music of Duane Allman. "Skydog" We play the music that he played and or inspired. We give to a need that I believe he would give to today, were he alive...helping feed the poor and homeless.

To date, the Festival has hosted thousands of fans, provided an enormous amount of food for the hungry, and given dozens of talented musicians a place to express the music of Skydog and his influence on them. Devoted volunteers help make this event happen and they are much appreciated. Our wonderful sponsors and contributors are the other side of the coin. Please thank them and support their business.